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From Dismay to Delight!


How to use customer service with integrity, to create superfans and increase sales!

When you or your teams deal with complaints do you sometimes

  • fear the impact your actions could have? Particularly on vulnerable customers?
  • worry that you/your teams perhaps don’t know or don’t want to know the difference between company policy and consumer rights and laws.
  • wonder if the customer who made a complaint was satisfied or if you lost them as a customer?
  • feel concerned about the risks involved in complaint handling to the business, financial and personal?
  • despair at customers who don’t know what they want and take up time and patience?
  • wonder what the financial and reputational costs of not getting customer service right could have on the business?
  • how you can increase credibility and reputation?


Then you need From Dismay to Delight!

What are the benefits of the course?

  • An understanding of how to find out what customers need, want and how they would like their complaint to be handled and how to get them from A to B smoothly.
  • An understanding of what makes someone vulnerable and the importance of treating customers as individuals.
  • Reduce the risks involved with complaint handling such as financial, your time and the increased danger of the impact on vulnerable customers.
  • Ensuring that teams work with integrity to gain customers’ trust.
  • Tools and methods for handling complaints with compassion and integrity.
  • The benefits of reflecting on and improving the way you correspond with customers.
  • How to turn complaining customers into championing your business and to know who they are.
  • Increase in staff morale.
  • Increase in great reviews and referrals leading to more sales.

This is for you if…. 

   you are decision makers that can make changes in your customer service to increase sales through increasing rave reviews and referrals.

Suitable for large corporates companies, this practical course will show you how looking at things in a different way, making some tweaks to practice and how improving customer service will get your customers doing the heavy lifting of marketing for you. With integrity, you can build your brand’s reputation through discovering what customers want and delivering it.

Continuous improvement and changes to processes will make you more effective and as a result increase sales.

Suitable attendees

Customer Resolutions Directors
Heads of Executive Complaints
Heads of Group-wide Management
Operations Managers 

Business Support Managers 
Customer Resolutions leaders
Conduct Assurance Managers

Group Executive Complaints
Heads of Customer Services Operations
Senior Managers of Customer Services 

Relationship Managers



Unit 1 – Importance of good complaint handling and how it can increase your sales, save you money and increase your market share.

Unit 2 – What is vulnerability – explore what can make someone vulnerable, your beliefs and why focussing on this area is important.

Unit 3 – Consumer laws/legal requirements and adhering to them to increase credibility.

Unit 4 – Phone complaints – how to handle difficult customers.

Unit 5 – Reflecting on current practice and making changes – looking at what you do now, critiquing it and improving it.

Unit 6 – Monitoring – how to monitor your correspondence and the effects on customers.

Unit 7 – Getting feedback – looking at how you get feedback from customers and building your reputation.

Unit 8 – Exceeding expectations, how to do it easily even when handling complaints.

Each unit includes a one hour live interactive webinar including Q and A with Helen and tasks to do in the week.

Delivered once a week over two months but this is flexible.


Cost £15,000 for up to 15 participants

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Meet Helen, The Complaining Cow


Helen has always had a passion for fighting injustice having started around the age of 11!

For over 30 years Helen has worked in paid and voluntary roles in various children’s services transforming, leading and managing play, early intervention and prevention schemes. All the time fighting for the “principle of the thing!” Complaining effectively for friends and family grew into a business helping consumers and businesses.

Now an established consumer champion, journalist, columnist, blogger and author, she empowers consumers to complain effectively. Her strong mainstream and social media presence means Helen is uniquely placed to hear what frustrates consumers and knows what they want in complaint handling and customer service. Her inimitable approach allows her to work with businesses in focusing on continual improvement with ongoing challenge and support through consultancy, workshops and more.

In 2012 Helen started a blog, sharing stories of fighting companies with poor customer service. It grew into the publishing of two best-selling books, with another in the pipeline. Having gained recognition for her expertise and knowledge of consumer matters and complaint handling, she can often be seen and heard with her no-nonsense direct style in the media. As a credible and authentic expert, she regularly appears on programmes such as BBC Breakfast, The One Show and Rip Off Britain, amongst numerous others.

Mother of a 14 year old, The Complaining Calf, who needs little training, Helen likes prosecco and chocolate. Both of these frequently feature in her work, wherever possible.

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